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"סוף מעשה במחשבה תחילה"

This Hebrew statement means that when one acts one should see the outcome before starting. This is the essence of magic. Every magical effect begins with the description of the EFFECT; what it looks like to the audience.

Life can be full of magic, wonder, excitement and it can be meaningful. One can lead others with honesty and pride when he follows certain guidelines. Some of these guidelines would seem obvious to many of you, other principles might be new to you as they have never been applied in this way.

The first principle is true in every endeavor one takes in life: Always look for the EFFECT (product, end result). Try to see what end you are trying to reach. Of course, this is obvious, but sometimes people tend to automatically do what they are used to doing without considering the consequences of their actions. Also, when seeking out an EFFECT one must realize that any effect might have an unfavourable side effect - something unwanted that might take place as you cause your effect. Being aware of desired as well as undesired consequences is a basic rule for every magician.

In this website you will find articles on the subject of magic principles as applied to leadership, success and happiness.

The site is in the making, but you might enjoy reading some articles:

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